Our Vision

To be an association whose positive sensitivity to both the human andmarketing needs of this country will be second to none.

What GPPCA Offers

GPPCA offers the following services for its members:
• Advocacy and lobbying role in government establishments for favorable policies
• Seek business opportunities .
• Organize training facilities, seminars, workshops and breakfast meetings.
• Welfare programs.
• Information dissemination.
• Arrange for members to attend overseas printing exhibitions and trade fairs.
• Arrange for bulk importation of raw materials and sell at affordable prices to members.

How GPPCA Works

  • GPPCA prepares and presents memoranda and policy papers on matters affecting the industry to
    the Government, policy makers and interest groups; for consideration;
  • GPPCA is in constant link with the Government, opinion leaders and the business community to
    articulate members’ concerns for a better economic environment.
  • GPPCA organizes workshops, seminars and breakfast
    meetings to update the business and management
    competence of its members.